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Baby Dream Lab is designed to focus on the scientific approaches to guide and help infants, toddlers, and their parents to obtain better sleep. The 1:1 Sleep Guiding Programmes offered are specifically targeting common sleep issues from the age 4 months (adjusted) upwards. In-Home Visits available for all ages (service limited to families living in Seoul only, must be pre-booked)

I believe, and as was taught, that the needs for every family and every individual child are different, hence I strive to work closely with families with a wide range of sleep guiding and shaping procedures and methods to help them achieve their sleep goals and restore harmony and peace to their households. Afterall, parenting is hard, it doesn’t need to get harder due to sleep deprivation because every healthy child is more than capable of achieving a healthy sleep habit, all we need to do is to guide and support.

As a mother to a pair of adorable children, I’ve known the struggle of sleeplessness only too well. Being the first paediatric sleep consultant certified by the Family Sleep Institute (America) based in South Korea, I set out in the hope to share my knowledge about infant/toddler sleep, using my expertise to help families that are yet fighting the sleep battle.

You are not alone.

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